Fraxure Art & Design transforms a longboard with mesmerizing fractal patterns, showcasing craftsmanship
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Made in Bend, Oregon

Craftsman sanding longboard with precision – Fraxure Art & Design owner showcasing meticulous craftsmanship.

Where Fractal Mastery Meets Creative Craftsmanship

Welcome to Fraxure Art and Design, where the convergence of Design, Woodworking, and 3D Art forms the cornerstone of our commitment to quality craftsmanship. Our journey originated from a profound interest in Lichtenberg fractal wood burning, serving as the catalyst for our relentless pursuit of excellence. Beginning with our initial focus on this captivating technique, our passion burgeoned, propelling us into a multifaceted realm of creativity.

Today, our repertoire extends beyond mesmerizing Lichtenberg creations to encompass a diverse range of offerings, from intricately CNC-designed pieces to meticulously etched artworks. Each week, we celebrate our continuous growth, finding immense satisfaction in the sheer joy of honing our craft. At Fraxure Art and Design, we are dedicated to producing art that not only captivates the eye but also exemplifies the epitome of quality craftsmanship.


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Our Laser Engraved Slate Coasters are always available for purchase

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Slate coaster: 'Adult-ish' - Simple and stylish, perfect for the modern adult's lifestyle. Elevate your drinkware collection.
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Product titleLaser-Engraved Slate Coasters - Choose Your Style from a Vast Collection

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  • Minimalist black diamond line art on white background – Fraxure Art & Design's elegant creation.

    From CNC designs to laser etched products

  • Minimalist black sketching tools line art on white background

    Express your creativity with a custom order

  • Minimalist black United States line art on white background

    Made with love in Bend, Oregon